Monday, April 1, 2013

Cherry Blossoms....

Cherry blossoms, also know as Sakura blossoms are one of my favorite sights in spring.  They are simply beautiful.  I recently bought some cherry blossom beads in several colours 
 and some have found their way into my shop as earrings.  

Hello April....

And the sun is shining!  Hope that means Spring is on it's way, as I'm fed up with having to put on extra heating!  So since I last blogged I had my little baby, of course he was late, but I'll forgive him as he is cute =)

So I've not been as active with the crafting, tweeting, blogging and Etsy, but I'm starting to get into the swing of it all again and I've even made a few treasuries.

As it's been so grey I've been craving some colour and taking vitamin D!  I feel much better when the sun is shining, but here in London we've had snow.  I like snow in winter, with hot chocolate!  Any way here are some treasuries full of colourful finds =)

I created this treasury for British Emporia Team, lots of yummy bright colours here.

I love red!  It is one of my favorite colours and this shade of red is my absolute favorite.  If I was to all of a sudden make alot of money I think I would buy everything in this treasury.  I'm not really into carrying handbags/ shoulder bags, but these red beauties could change all that =)

And here we have more gorgeous finds for the home, wardrobe and crafting. That coral scarf looks so warm and cosy, perfect for when the sun goes behind the clouds, but you don't want to wear a coat.   So many beautiful items so choose from!  Please do visit the treasury and the shops themselves to see more wonderful goodies!

Enjoy =)