Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Beautiful Combinations....

 I thought I'd share some eye candy with you.  I love love love detail, colour, texture and maybe this can be seen in my work.  I've collected beads, pendants, charms and various findings to be able to create pieces of jewellery that I find pleasing.
The above necklace is a perfect example of this.  I've had the smooth round Kyanite beads for over a decade, the same is true of the fine silver turtle charm I've used as a pendant.  It was only more recently that I purchased the lampwork beads, which I feel match the Kyanite perfectly.
 These ancient looking lampwork beads were created with linear trails as inspired by the great civilizations of the past and were aged artifically using various techniques.  I've teamed them up with these fair trade Karen Hill Tribe fine silver sun print beads and I think the combination works well.
Here I've used Karen Hill Tribe fine silver bead caps (all the fine silver featured in this blog post is fair trade) and lovely Aquamarine beads, detail meets smooth and simple, I like the result =)

Monday, December 14, 2015

Just Add Some Sparkle....

I love colour!  In my possession I have a 18k white and yellow gold chain necklace, that I bought in Venezuela the last time I was there (which was too long ago) and I've made different gemstone pendants to fit onto it to suit my mood or what I am wearing.
Having the different pendants to choose from is wonderful, each one is different, with it's own style and energy, I can't stress enough how handy they are and how much I love them!  My favorite pendants are a beautiful Pink Sapphire heart cut briolette, a Oro Verde Quartz shield cut briolette (like the one shown in the picture below) and now a tiny dainty Lapis Lazuli onion cut briolette which I wire wrapped with goldfilled wire.
One by one I'll be adding these beauties to my etsy shop and resisting keeping them for myself ; )