Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Autumn Fall.......

It's still Autumn so I thought I'd share these lovely finds with you.  A collection of handmade,  vintage and art/ photography lovelies in Autumn/ Fall Shades and themes. 
We've had some beautiful sunshine (maybe to make up for the lack of it at the end of the Summer holidays) which has been wonderful!  True it's a bit windy at times, with down pours, but lets focus on the Autumn sunshine and beauty before we have to put on big coats and as my layers of clothing as possible!  Here's a pic I took of a mini pile of gorgeous colourful leafs we found next to my children's school =)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Getting the colour right......

 Well I've been busy making, photographing, re-sizing and listing my latest lovelies and as I take my photo's in natural light it can take several attempts at getting it right.  With our lovely ever so temperamental British weather one second the lighting is just right and the next too dull.....
 I'm happy to report that these photo's are true to colour, so they've made it into my shop.  As for the others, well lets hope there's some sunshine tomorrow!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Gorgeous Reds....

 I love red, can you tell?  It's been my favorite colour for over 20 years, although I now also have other favorite colours/ shades, the rich reds have a special je ne sais quoi for me.  It's just such a gorgeous colour!
 So here are some gorgeous red earrings that I've just added to my shop for your viewing pleasure.  I set my self the goal of having 200 listings in my shop by Christmas, so I'll be busy playing, I mean busy working with my beads, taking photo's and writing the listings (go and have a read of the listings they can take ages to write).
 I'm forever adding new colours/ shades to the glass teardrop earring range, they are great, but in the coming months I'll be adding more Artisan lampwork beads and gem stone jewellery as well.
 These crimson lampwork beauties reminded me a bit of glace cherries, I loved cheery loaf cake as a child, it was my job to cut the glace cherries into quaters.  The Silver beads I've used for these earrings are Karen Hill Tribe and fair trade =)
Well time to get back to the wire wrapping, so until next time keep well =)