Sunday, September 14, 2014

It's Autumn.....

It's already Autumn, the fact that there are conkers (horse chestnuts) all over the pavements makes it official!  I'm kind of sad that we never made it to the seaside this year, but it looks like summer is done for another year, so maybe if we do get a chance to visit a beach it will be for some fossil hunting rather then swimming.  I've been a bit ill, so energy has been low, in part maybe due to doing the books for last tax year (not fun), but now it's done (yeah) I'm trying to rekindle my treasury mojo.

I picked Damson Tree's Sunflower earrings as my inspiration with late Summer early Autumn in mind.  Honey and bees came to mind and then the beautiful colours of Autumn leaves in reds, rusts and other beautiful shades.  Because there are still beautiful flowers in full bloom, I added this gorgeous floral silk pillow cushion that has been made from a vintage kimono by Lynn Watt (She's the lovely lady I asked to make me some special draw string gift bags for some of my higher end jewellery).

These orange lovelies are perfect for Autumn.  I've still to decide what new additions my wardrobe will be needing for this Autumn/ Winter, but maybe I'll add some orange in as it's the colour of joy and clementines =)