Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Last Treasury of the Month...

I created this treasury for a team challenge and decided to go with a lavender/lilac/love theme, I guess the palette leans towards the promise of spring, but still retains a touch of that winter coolness.

The last day of January....

Meaning it will be the first day of February tomorrow and as its a Friday I'll be at Little Paris Crouch End for the Bar Boot from 7-10.30 pm in the evening =)  

The next couple of months people will be looking for gifts and goodies for Valentines Day, St Patrick's Day and Mother's Day.  I know that over seas Mother's Day is normally in May, but I guess we like to be different here in the UK.  

With baby due early March, I'm hoping to get some bits made up, photographed and priced for sale and take part in some team promoting!  There's no resting!

Well talking about team promotion next Tuesday should be the Craft Britannia Treasure-Thon on Etsy which is always good =)  Another team that I'm part of on Etsy is the British Emporia Team.  Here's a treasury I made for their team challenge to give you some eye candy =)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Flu Flu go away and Don't come back another day....

I made this treasury when I was still ill and drinking lots of honey and lemon!  It features lots of beautiful creations by some of my team mates and other talented Etsyians =)

January Craft Britannia Treasure-Thon.....

Yummy crafted Capricorn inspired creations to get the year started!

I went for a watery flowing aqua colour palette, with the addition of Amethyst purples for my Antiquarian themed treasury =)


Happy New Year!.....

A bit late I know as it's coming to the end of January, but better late then never =)

Well I started the beginning of the year with a horrible dose of the flu, that struck Christmas week.  Not fun especially when your pregnant and have to stay away from sweet stuff, including homemade brownies! 

We've had snow and ice which has just about all melted away, so its been hot chocolate and cake time, well we have to make up for for the lack of treats at Christmas/ New Year =P

With just over 5 weeks until baby is due and near the end of reading the Hobbit, I'm going to get some more bits made for Valentines and Mothers Day!  So I'm still working, in fact I'm going to be at Little Paris in Crouch End this Friday, 1st February, for the Bar-Boot. 

But otherwise I'm more or less house bound, due to all the aches and pains.  Guess I can use some of the time to plan, design and buy more beads =)

So on a final note wishing everyone good health, happiness and success in the year to come!