Thursday, July 25, 2013

Russian Blues......

Beautiful blue Russian and Russian inspired finds on Etsy for your viewing pleasure.

And one of my own Russian inspired designs =)

Olive Season....

Olive is more then just a colour, it can be a way of living!  I've been eating olives for as long as I can remember and use olive oil daily.  This fruit to me conjures up images of the Mediterranean and eating fresh (see salad above).  The wood of the olive tree is also beautiful!  

So the above treasury is inspired by both the colour olive and the fruit, warm climates and good simple living =)

Here are my olive earrings, made with freshwater potato pearls =)

Enjoy =)

The Good Life....

It doesn't really take that much to make me smile.  The simple things in life like food, things that smell nice, a little sunshine and being outdoors, for example taking a walk, can make you feel good.  I think I'd make quiet a good hobbit =)

 Walking beneath the leafy canopy of tall trees is something I love doing and eating chocolate orange cookies is another favorite.

So the above treasury is full of delicious finds, with lots of art and bits for the home. 


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Handmade & D.I.Y Weddings......

If your a lover of handmade then you should really pop over to if your planning to have a handmade wedding or just looking for inspiration or wedding gift ideas.

   I love the idea of painting your own wedding cake toppers!  My friend used Wonder Woman and Spider Man figures on the top of her wedding cake as the couple are Marvel lovers =)

Honey Wedding Favour with a Pink Rosebud Cover and Wooden Tag

As for wedding favors, my favorite finds are little pots of honey pots and featured in this treasury are little heart shaped lavender sachets.  I love lavender!  

I made these lovely Akoya saltwater pearl earrings, which would be lovely to wear to a wedding and can be worn every day afterwards =) 

The style is very classic and would look great with nautical outfits!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Getting Zesty......

It's been hot hot hot here in the UK!  Too hot really in a country that's really designed for colder weather.  I really wish we had 3 months of school summer holidays here like they do in a lot of other countries, then we could make the most out of this weather.  My daughter's last day of school is tomorrow, so we are planning to visit the seaside sometime soon.  

So here's my treasury filled with zesty summer energy with lovely finds in bright Lemon, lime and orange.  You'll notice I've included a couple of cute finds for babies too.


Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hello Summer.....

Something very strange is going on....  I'm looking at the sky and it's blue!  I love this time of year when there's lots of watermelon, peaches, cherries, corn on the cob.  It's time to enjoy being out side, eating fresh (well that's always a good thing) and getting a little sun!  So this treasury was inspired by Damson Tree's lovely Purple Daisy earrings and Luciles Kichen's Smoothie illustration, I just loved the colour's, their freshness and together they look very summery to me! 

Saying that I'm going to go eat some watermelon now, drink some smoothie and go for a walk later and buy some freshly made ice cream. Life can be good =)

Enjoy =)

Beautiful greys....

Just add a little colour  to bring it to life!  Grey is not just dull dreary days with no sunshine, it can be like the silver lining on a cloud.  In this collection I've included some accessories to brake up the grey and enhance its beauty.  I think badges are a fun way to individualize a plain bag or jacket and the Fat Kitty ones in this treasury are so cute!

Here are a pair of faceted grey Labradorite earrings, they have a beautiful blue iridescent luster.  These stones are even more beautiful in person =)

Friday, July 5, 2013

And here's one for Craft Britannia....

I love love love these colours and the contrast!  This treasury was created to feature some of my talented team members from Craft Britannia and some other gorgeous finds!  From beautiful pottery to crochet flower hair clips, search for teamcb on Etsy to find a wide variety of goodies =)

The mint green bug dress is one of my favorites and is an example of the kind of original clothing you can find on Etsy.


Thursday, July 4, 2013

So what jewellery does a jewellery maker wear?......

 And the answer was this combination today.  Here are two necklaces that I've kept and today I wore them together, as I think the colours really work well together.
 What clothes was I wearing you may be wondering?  A simple navy vest and dark jeans.
I have small blue apatite earrings to match the necklace, I wear simple earrings more often then not =)

Little pond turtle necklace......

I still need to get better picture's of this necklace, but I thought I'd let you have a peek at it =)
This lovely pond turtle is made of fine silver and is fair trade, isn't it cute!  The beads you can see are mostly are gorgeous blue Kyanite, these stones are just beautiful!  Once I've got some better picture's you'll be able to see the lampwork beads that are very similar in colour to the Kyanite, they add to the whole aquatic nature of the necklace =)

It's the beginning of berry season!.......

As you will know by now if your not new to my blog, I love making treasuries when I have the time.  I kind of had the idea of home made berry smoothies in mind when thinking about the colours for this one.  I enjoyed looking through my British Emporia team mates shops for most of these lovelies.  I hope you like this collection as much as I do =)