Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Coffee Art...

 A thing of beauty is a treasure to behold and these lattes were not only beautiful to behold but smelled and tasted wonderful!  Alas as beautiful as they were I couldn't resist drinking them, so I captured their essence in photo form to share with you (aren't I generous ;)
 The lovely creative peeps @VagabondN4 are responsible for these creations, like sewing (which I'm pants at), I can't do this with coffee, so every cup or glass as in this case, is like a little creative inspiration and the 2 shots of yummy caffeine are also very helpful in keeping the creative juices flowing ;)

Feeling blue...

Yes I know it's been a long time since I've made a treasury to share my lovely etsy finds with you.  The truth is life happens and well mojo is affected, but then it starts to come back in trickles and then starts to flow.  So I hope you'll enjoy taking the time to explore these beautiful finds and the talented people behind them!  

Enjoy & share the love =) xx

Golden Summer....

 Gorgeously vibrant and golden!  I've added these lovelies to my collection of teardrop earrings and the wonderful thing is that as the wire and ear wires used are 14k goldfilled they are kind to sensitive ears, without the huge price tag =)
 So what is gold filled? The answer is that gold-filled is an actual layer of gold that has been pressure bonded to another suitable metal alloy and wears like solid gold. There is no flaking, rubbing off or changing of colour and your skin will only come into contact with the pure gold. This is what makes it more affordable, whilst still providing all the qualities of solid gold.
Whilst I love silver, I love the warmth of gold and there is something luxurious about it.  Find these lovelies here in the teardrop section of my etsy shop =)