Friday, January 13, 2012

Welcome to Blossoming Silver!

Hi There and welcome to Blossoming Silver!

I've always loved being creative and using different colours together to create a certain feel, mood or vibe. I love beads and beautiful illustrations and my collection is ever growing.

I'm a stay at home mother and now that most of my children have gotten older I've started to have more time to use my creative skills and focus on my work.

Going back over 20 years, I first started making jewellery when I was in my teens, being inspired by some bead work my mother had bought when my family visited the Venezuelan Amazon and us trying to work out how it was done. Ever since then I've had a love of beads and found that I enjoy making wire wrapped jewellery. I love buying Shiana Fair Trade Silver and Vermeil, it may cost a little more, but I think its worth it. By using quality materials, my aim is to make my creations wearable and to be reasonably child proof. Meaning not fall apart as soon as it is pulled, as a mother of seven, the durability factor is always close to mind.

Another creative path I've found myself on is making digital stamps using some of my artwork, as I've been inspired by seeing so many beautiful cards being made by a friend of mine and it gives me a good reason to spend more time drawing =)