Friday, June 22, 2012

Craft Britannia's shop of the week Kitzie G

Gift Tags - Set of 12 in Pink, Red and Orange Botanical Floral Papercut Designs 
Beautiful botanical inspired designs that would look so at home in Kew Gardens with their refined presence.  The designs are very clean and the assortment of colours is gorgeous.  
The designer behind Kitzie G, Laura, in her own words describes her work as being,
"original contemporary and colourful botanical designs are inspired by the natural world - the shapes and silhouettes of plants and flowers, in bud, leaf and full bloom" 
As this weeks Craft Britannia's Shop of the Week, read the Kitzie G interview for a wonderful glimpse behind the scences.


  1. Nice blog post & Kitzie G's botanical goodies are really lovely <3

  2. Great selection from a lovely shop. Nice post

  3. Great selection of items from Kitzies fabulous shop!

  4. Beautiful picks - I adore the designs!