Monday, October 8, 2012

Craft Britannia's Shop Of The Week Colour me Fun...

Lego Men Inspired Crayons - Set of 8 
This week's shop of the week is bursting with colour!  Bright, blod and beautiful describes the wonderful collection of crayons that are available to buy for kids of all ages and sizes. 

 Gingerbread Man Crayons - Set of 8

If your looking for a fun educational stocking filler put these on your list, I am and prices start from as little as £3 =)

The lady behind the crayons is Danielle and to read her interview with Craft Britannia 


  1. Danielle's shop is just beautiful. And so colourful!

  2. Great post on Danielle's shop. Her crayons are fab aren't they? My granddaughter loves hers !

  3. These are so fun. Definitely putting them on the ideas list for stocking fillers