Thursday, January 31, 2013

The last day of January....

Meaning it will be the first day of February tomorrow and as its a Friday I'll be at Little Paris Crouch End for the Bar Boot from 7-10.30 pm in the evening =)  

The next couple of months people will be looking for gifts and goodies for Valentines Day, St Patrick's Day and Mother's Day.  I know that over seas Mother's Day is normally in May, but I guess we like to be different here in the UK.  

With baby due early March, I'm hoping to get some bits made up, photographed and priced for sale and take part in some team promoting!  There's no resting!

Well talking about team promotion next Tuesday should be the Craft Britannia Treasure-Thon on Etsy which is always good =)  Another team that I'm part of on Etsy is the British Emporia Team.  Here's a treasury I made for their team challenge to give you some eye candy =)

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