Friday, July 25, 2014

Looking for a Rainbow....

It's been hot 24 - 7 until the rain came today with thunder and lightning.  And in between the rain showers if the sun comes out maybe you would of seen a rainbow.  There's always something magical about seeing a rainbow and my children love spotting them. But today I went looking for rainbows on Etsy, created by my talented team mates and other Etsyians and here are some of the lovely finds I found =)

I've also been adding some new colours to the collection of teardrop briolette earrings available in my etsy shop, with more to come, but still have lots of pictures to take!  Hopefully now the kids are on holiday I'll have more time and some sunshine to take the pictures!

And now available from my Etsy shop is this lovely set of 8 pairs of earrings =)

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