Thursday, August 6, 2015

Something old......

 I thought I'd share these old pic's of mine, not sure if I have already on this blog, but every now and then I like to go back to drawing, it's something I've always done and well should really spend more time on it!
 I've used flash, photoshop, a photo, good old pencils and gouache paints.  In the above image, the ghostly lady was drawn and coloured in flash and the trees are originally hand drawn using coloured pencils and scanned. I put the two together in photoshop to get this effect. it was a long time ago.
 You may be able to tell from this drawing if you hadn't already guessed that I'm a fan of anime =)  Maybe I should point out that I use a mouse to draw in flash/ illustrator.  When I first started drawing on computers it was pixel by pixel =)
Ok this is just a pencil doddle of mine, I love fantasy art and fiction and you'll see it in my drawings.
Never really finished this, it's another doddle of sorts a kind of practicing piece, maybe I'll get round to practicing again in the future, would be nice.
And here's one of my tattoo designs, that after 16 ish years I had tattooed onto the back of my neck.  Did it hurt....No the guy that did it for me was really gentle, this is a same day picture =)

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