Monday, December 14, 2015

Just Add Some Sparkle....

I love colour!  In my possession I have a 18k white and yellow gold chain necklace, that I bought in Venezuela the last time I was there (which was too long ago) and I've made different gemstone pendants to fit onto it to suit my mood or what I am wearing.
Having the different pendants to choose from is wonderful, each one is different, with it's own style and energy, I can't stress enough how handy they are and how much I love them!  My favorite pendants are a beautiful Pink Sapphire heart cut briolette, a Oro Verde Quartz shield cut briolette (like the one shown in the picture below) and now a tiny dainty Lapis Lazuli onion cut briolette which I wire wrapped with goldfilled wire.
One by one I'll be adding these beauties to my etsy shop and resisting keeping them for myself ; )

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