Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Happy New Year January Sale!.....

I've decided to have a January sale this year with 15% off everything in my Easy shop!  I'll be adding more lovely jewellery to the shop throughout the month in the run up to Valentines Day, so it's the perfect time to treat yourself or someone special =)

Already tempted this year, I've treated myself to some lovely new jewellery findings. With my 20+ years worth of beads to sort through this month, you can expect to see some eye candy on here.  Planing to do more research on apps that can help me with my business, it's time to get focussed!

Sale ends 31st January 11pm London time (I'm using easy on sale to run it), to view click here =) 

Wishing you all a wonderful happy and healthy new year =)

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