Saturday, December 8, 2012

December is here!....

And still my Christmas tree is not up!  So wanted to have it up on the first, I've always liked putting the tree up with all the lights, but its still in the attic.

So its the season of sparkly and shiny things, snow flakes and mince pies, candle light and frosty nights.  I guess even tho its freezing cold there are things I like about this season.

So on the crafty side of things, what have have I been up to you might ask, well I've printed up my first cards and drawn some new designs to be made into a new range of pocket mirrors.  The cards turned out quiet well and I can't wait to see the mirror's, come on my post man!!!

I've also been using twitter to promote my goodies and those made by others in the teams on Etsy that I take part in.  So far most of the prezzies I've bought have been hand made or vintage and now that they've arrived they are lovely!  I also made a new board on Pinterest for the Craft Britannia team, to show off all the lovelies.  I can't stress enough the amount of talent that is out there and I really think that buying from and supporting Designer Makers and small businesses is very healthy for our communities.  so with that said let me show you a couple of my latest treasuries =)

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  1. Sounds like you have some great new items in store for us soon! Thanks for including me in your lovely treasury. :)