Monday, November 26, 2012

Only 30 days till Christmas.....

And I've done a little more shopping and started digging out recipes for stuffing and other bits.  This weekend I took part in the Craft Britannia BNR (buy and replace), which is always fun and is great for finding out what other people make.  I have to say that I think this years presents will be more interesting and fun!  The great thing about buying handmade and vintage is that the variety of choice is as diverse and unique as the sellers themselves.  

 Customize Your Own Flower Hair Slides
I won't show you what I bought, but I'll show you examples from the shops.  That's fair and won't give my secrets all away =)
Shabby chic Retro floral bunting 3 metre 10 feet 12 flags - red, blue, cream and green
For the record I have to say that I can't sew and haven't knitted since the age of 6-7, would love to learn tho!

Wristwarmers / Armwarmers / Handwarmers / Fingerless gloves for women. Diamond Jubilee inspired.
Love this colour and was very tempted to buy these as well =)

Vintage Shot Glasses set of 5 Retro Poppy Flower design Autumn Poppies Yellow Gold Orange
These retro vintage beauties have such vivid colours!

Peach Melba Blossoms and Waves Japanese Inspired Design Pocket Mirror - UK Seller
I've got to package up some earrings and pocket mirrors for postage tomorrow, I've only got two of this design left now =)

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