Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A wee taste of Scotland..

Today's Crafty Folk Team's Red Hot 100+ winner was Miss Winnie Makes, the chosen item her gorgeous Tartan boudoir pillow cushion.  Now I bet that you would of never guessed by my name that I'm Scottish.  Well I was born in Scotland and that's where my mothers half of the family are from.  In my ancestry are surnames like Davidson, Sinclair and Wood, I wonder if I'm related to the Wood in Harry Potter ;) 

Tartan boudoir pillow cushion

Well with that said I went with a Scottish theme for todays treasury and went searching through Etsy for finds that would complement the beautiful colours in Miss Winnie's wonderful cushion.  I have to say there was a lack of photographs with Scottish heather, but I think you'll agree that the Bruyere heather photo is beautiful.  The Scottish highlands water colour brings a smile to my face, as do so many of the other items in this treasury.  I was happy to find the oatmeal spurtle, but I remember my mother using an old one to stir the nappies in our old top opening washing machine!


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  1. Your treasury was gorgeous, I love heather colours. A big thanks to you, and the craftyfolk team for all your efforts in promoting my cushion.