Sunday, April 13, 2014

Atlantis Necklace.....

 I've had these Lampwork beads for a while and wanted to create a sea themed necklace using them.  Originally I wanted to use various stones, maybe even small pearls, but in the end I chose to just keep it simple and use some gorgeous smooth round blue Kyanite beads that I have.  I used 22g goldfilled wire, as the lampwork beads are quite heavy and luckily I was able to fit the Kyanite beads onto this as well.   I'm keeping this one!  It sits very nicely just bellow my collar bone and was comfortable to wear =)  To match I made very simple earrings just using a single Kyanite bead on each one with a little goldfilled bead at each end of it. 
I think this picture shows the colours in the central focal beads better =)

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