Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Fairytales from the Inner Rainbow....

As a member of the British Emporia team on Etsy, I take part in a weekly themed team treasury event, where we all create a treasury each for that weeks theme and then jointly promote them online on Wednesday evening from 7pm GMT.

This week the theme was indigo violet.  I think you'll agree that quiet often in fairytales you'll find woods, queens, princesses, crowns, pendants, flowers and there's even a famous shoe or two somewhere in the mix & a puss in boots.   Of course I had to include some iolite in the treasury, as this gem stone is normally violet-blue or indigo in colour.  Iolite is also know as water sapphire and I included the lovely raindrops photo by Murry Bolesta and blue mosaic earrings by Creating Trouble, as they reminded me of this aspect of the stone and a pond where there once was a frog prince =)
 Here are a lovely pair of earrings you might find in the realm of the inner rainbow =)

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