Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Well I'll be plum'ed...

 But I didn't realize that I hadn't posted any picture's of my Autumn collection, other then the Honey Bee Set.  So here's the eye candy if you haven't been to my shop for a look around =)

I love these colours, Autumn is just so pretty when its not pouring down with rain and windy.  The fact that I'm creating jewellery has made me think more about the colours of the season and appreciate them more!

 So as you can see I've been using Amber's, coppers, yellow's and plums with a touch of green.  I might add some more greens to the collection and even some reds in the near future.  

These earrings are all made with sterling silver and Czech glass beads and briolettes. 

Swarovski crystals and fine silver beads added to compliment the designs.

The fine silver beads were made by Karen Hill Tribe and are Fair Trade.  You can see them in the picture below. I love using them and love that they are not just plain and round in shape.

Which colour is your favorite at this time of year?
I'm not quite sure which is my favorite, but combined together they are beautiful =)

 And here is the plum, although I'll have to make some more with green crystals, so they are a bit more like the fruit, which I'm happy to munch on at this time of year, along with fresh figs!

I hope you get to enjoy the colours of the season, even if its with a bowl of butternut squash soup or some coppery ginger biscuits!

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